Classic Membership Plan for Primary Medical Care

Classic Membership Pricing

Individual $75/month

Individual + Dependent $140/month

Family up to 3 $195/month

Each additional child after 3 $45/month

Taking Paitient Blood Pressure

Service Specification


  *1 3 X-rays per year, (Bones and Joints)

Includes Telemedicine

Telemedicine is just what it sounds like, medical advice over the phone with voice, text, and video services that are HIPAA compliant and ensure a private conversation with your doctor. Should you become ill, or just pick up a rash in the woods hiking, take a picture, log into our telemedicine portal and a doctor will review the situation and advise you what to do to help yourself until you can get into the clinic if needed.


Prescriptions that are non-scheduled drugs may be filled onsite in most instances. We offer a competitive cost plus 20% for any prescription we fill under the Classic Membership Plan. Although our competition in this area may beat us on a few drugs, for the most part we are very competitive and at times really can save large amounts of money for our members.

Discounted Labs

We offer discounted labs for our Classic Plan Members. There is no charge for labs that are in the detailed price list. Any labs that your doctor may advise you to undergo are approved by your before anything is done so you are aware of the additional cost. We do not profit in these labs as well, you pay what we pay.