Covered Services

  • Primary Care Visits

  • Urgent Care Visits

  • Preventive Care

  • Annual Wellness Exams

  • Well Child Exams

  • Sports Physicals

  • Tele-medicine (Email, Phone, Remote – Portal Consults)

Covered Procedures

  • EKG

  • PPD (TB Test)

  • Injection Fees (medication costs may not be covered)

  • Immunizations (Medication costs may not be covered)

  • Skin Lesion Excision and Biopsy (pathology fees not included)

  •  Skin Lesion Removal/Destruction (skin tag, wart, other)

  • Uncomplicated Wound Suture

  • Flu Shot

  • Ear Irrigation

  • Nebulizer Treatments

  • Liquid Nitrogen Procedures

  • Smoking and Tobacco Cessation Counseling

  • Hearing Test

Covered Labs

  • Urinalysis

  • Blood Glucose

  • Urine Pregnancy Test

  • Lipid Profile

  • HgbA1c

  • Rapid Strep Test

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Screening

Services Not Covered

  • Allergy Testing

  • Allergy Treatment

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • X-Rays Radiologist Interpretation

  • Pathology

  • Cytology

  • Medical Compliance Drug Safety Screens

  • Microbiology

  • IUD

  • Nexplanon

  • Endrometrial Biopsy

  • Colonoscopy

  • Medications from clinic pharmacy or sent out

While these items are not covered within the DPC monthly fees, EverMed DPC clinics have discounts and discount relationships for many of these services.

A complete schedule of fees may be provided. Third party fees may be variable, though EverMed maintains fixed contract costs with no mark up for our patients.

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Monthly Fee Schedule:


Individual                                                                                            $75


Individual + Spouse, Domestic Partner or Dependent            $140


Individual + Family up to 4                                                            $200


Additional Family Members after 4                                             $40


Direct Primary Care is not insurance. It is an affordable option for individuals, families and employers to receive quality, local, personal medical care.