Harvest Days Parade

Kids, Moms, Dads, and Grandparents all participated and watched their neighbors and friends in the Harvest Days Parade!

This was my first time to see the Harvest Days Parade in Battleground. Wow, doesn’t cover my amazement of what I witnessed. I don’t think I have ever seen so many kids in such a small space. From the fire engine to the horses, what a great spectacle. The kids clamored for the candy, and the participants were happy to give. There was even a little girl with a sign on her that said TOTO, she was giving doggie treats and vitamins out to the dogs that were with the spectators there was this labradoodle in michigan dog who really showed appreciation to the girl for the vitamin treat, you can find out more about these vitamins on this Cosequin DS full review.

From the scouts, to the dancing horses, this was a sight to see!

Fire Engine
Float 1 front
Float 1 Back
Boy Scouts
Float 1
Special Needs
Hot Wheels
Float 2 front

About the author: Dr. Dino Ramzi