Welcome to Patient Direct Care.

We are here to serve you, and our community.

Our clinic doesn’t just offer simple medical services, but a robust set of fully functioning medical services that include on-site X-ray, labs, pharmaceutical distribution and concierge-level service for your family or employees.

At our clinic the patient is always first. Our patients receive concierge-level service and an unparalleled continuity of care.

We are not insurance, membership only, and save families employers and employees the expense of using insurance for Primary Care. No Co-Pays Ever!

What is Direct Primary Care? Click the Button above for a detailed explanation.

How does direct primary care work?

click on the video to find out.

Old Fashioned Medicine comes back to Battleground!

Members may call 24/7 at 360-999-5138

Membership Inquiry at 360-999-5165

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